Spring, I’m obsessed with you.

Spring used to be my least favorite season since it’s usually rainy and cold here in Washington. I don’t know what I was thinking because today, I’ve become obsessed with it. Everything this year is super vibrant- the flowers, the greenery, and we’ve had some of the most BEAUTIFUL spring days. I don’t remember spring ever being this perfect. Maybe I’ve learned to love it more because I’ve been more aware with my surroundings and have found a new appreciation with nature. I’ve always loved it, but I’m starting to see new, intricate details in the flowers, the trees, and I love being able to watch new life grow. It’s just so beautiful. Everything is so intense this year that you can smell all the flowers when you walk outside. The only downside is my allergies have been KILLING me the past two weeks. Stuffy nose, losing my voice, and all that good stuff. Good thing I’m finally starting to feel better so I can actually have a day where I’m not blowing my nose 30 times.

Anyways, Cory and I decided to take the afternoon and go to the tulip fields on the last day before they plow them all down. This year they were EXTRA vibrant due to the colder weather we had this last year. They were all in full bloom, and the most vibrant I’ve ever seen them. It was an unforgettable experience and was the most perfect day to get out and enjoy them. Below are some of the images we shot that day!

For this spring look, I’m wearing a pair of stripe wide leg pants by Billy T, a Brixton straw hat, a vintage straw bag that I thrifted, and a white mens dress shirt that I cut. I bought this shirt at a thrift store, and I gave the shirt a raw bottom hem and collar. All I did was cut the bottom to the desired length, and then cut around the top part of the shirt to take the large collar off. I’ve been wearing it non stop! Super easy and cheap way to get a unique and chic shirt for the warmer months! Make sure to shop the look below!