No Where Everywear

No Where Everywear

I love wearing neutrals. Neutrals are fresh, clean, chic, and versatile. The color palette is perfect for spring and summer, and perfect for everyday wear. Warmer weather also screams adventure, and escaping out of everyday routines. These tonal pieces are made with love by Aritzia, one of my favorite women's fashion boutiques.

Aritzia's new spring collection are born from escapism. Getting outside of your normal everyday, focusing on the people, culture, places, and seeing them for their natural beauty and wonder. During this season, Aritzia takes you along those places with their silhouettes, sun kissed colors, and heart felt touches in their new beautiful collection.

For this look, I'm wearing the Wilfred Free Jones Dress in dark camel, the Wilfred Lenglen Jacket in Ashen/Birch, and the Auxiliary Canova Bucket Bag in black. Make sure to check out Aritzia's Spring collection

"So come with us. There's no where to go but everywhere".


Photos by Mel Denisse