Menswear Inspired

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! These past two weeks have been insane- we went to Nashville (photos will be coming soon), and had some friends stay with Cory and I for a week. It was great, but now finally feeling like we're getting back into our normal routine. And then next week we jet off somewhere special, and then head to Seattle for two weeks!

I grew up having two older brothers, and we were all about the same size in tops. Back in high school, I used to borrow some of their sweatshirts or flannels, and eventually they permanently became part of my wardrobe. Mixing menswear with my outfits became part of my everyday style for a season. It was just a fun way to mix up casual looks. Over the weekend, I walked into Topshop and automatically was drawn to Topman's selection. Their colors, styles, and fits of pieces are so on point for this season and I couldn't help myself but to try some pieces on. I came out with this oversized, distressed, slouchy sweatshirt.  I feel like Topman's selection is designed for anyone to wear, and I'm definitely going to keep my eye on their new arrivals. So ladies, don't be scared to try on different menswear pieces. Sometimes they can become your new favorite! :)


Photos by Mel Denisse