Lace and Frills

Lace and Frills

Hello! And happy Tuesday!

I'm currently back in Seattle for the week, and it feels so good to be here. Cory and I haven't been back since the holidays, and we were in much need of some vacation and family time. Seattle is a place where we can unwind, refresh, and have some time to relax. Everyone needs it, am I right?

Today I'm sharing with you a couple of my favorite trends for the spring and summer, which are frilly trousers and lace statements. I usually don't wear pieces like this together, but I loved how they complimented each other! Trousers with frills and ruffles have been have been on repeat for the past couple season, and I'm so happy they are making their way into summer. These trousers are from Zaraand I love how they move when you walk. They're a unique and fun alternative compared to a classic trouser. I paired them with a pair of slingback heels I designed from Shoes of Prey.

This lace top is from one of my favorite brands, Storets. My favorite part of this top are the ribbons on the arms which give it a whimsical feel. I love how they move and flow with the pants! You can also tie the ribbons into bows to give it more of a girly feel. I love this top and it's a statement, timeless piece for all seasons.