Recently, blogging has taken over my life, and I'm loving every moment of it. Being in the industry, my time and surroundings are filled with inspiring activities and other creative people. It's non stop, and I always feel like I'm working on something. And in all honesty, there are so many times where I get burnt out, tired, and want to take a break from everything. It can be very real. But there are so many other moments where I say "I Can" and keep on pushing myself to new limits. I'm thrilled to announce that I'm working with American Eagle and sharing how I can create and spread the #WEALLCAN movement

There's always something new each day brings. There's something about waking up each day and ready to see what the world brings that is exciting, but also scary at times. My mantra is to always push yourself farther than you could ever imagine. I can create, and I can be fearless.

Everyday is busy and can be chaotic at times. But I always find time to still be able to create something. My normal day consists of working on the computer in my office space or at a coffee shop, meeting with clients, heading to showrooms, phone calls, prepping looks for blog shoots, events, and then shooting blog looks with my husband or a friend. After, I usually try to fit in a workout or some gym time, make dinner, and then either watch a movie and relax or go out with friends. Or one of my favorite things to do that is therapeutic is to go out and take photos somewhere. That precious and inspiring time is where I get to create, and remind myself that I can ever give up on creating.

Sometimes dressing for the day can be difficult, especially if I have a full day ahead of me. If I have 15 minutes to get ready every morning, I would throw on this exact outfit from American Eagle. I love oversized sweaters, distressed denim, a staple choker that I can wear with anything, and some statement sneakers versatile and comfortable enough to wear all day. These pieces from American Eagle are easy to wear and effortless, yet give a unique style. 

American Eagle pieces make me feel like I can step into anything and be ready for any situation. I love that they're comfortable, and fit so many different women's body types. Anyone can rock American Eagle pieces. They make you feel confident and unstoppable. 

My favorite detail about this look is the Triple Layer Choker. I love choker necklaces and this one has two black straps and a dainty gold chain below it. It gives an edginess and sophisticated look in one. I also love these Denim X Jegging in black charcoal. They have the perfect stretch and distressed details. Another favorite part of this look are the gold details on the Lo-Top Sneakers. It matches the necklace and gives a modern touch to the shoe. This sweater is perfect for fall, and here the Lightweight Boxy Sweater that's similar to this one.

There are so many different ways people can express who they are. I think someone can express themselves just through what they enjoy, passions, their hobbies, job, fashion, and everything you do throughout your day. I believe that wardrobe and style is a huge part of expressing someone's style. I'm also a photographer and blogger and this is how I can express myself. I love being able to capture different moments of people, landscapes, or even daily activities. I can always push myself to the limits with photography and blogging. Through that, I'm always learning about myself and what I can do next time. There's always room for growth and improvement. There's never a moment you can stop creating. Being able to express myself through this blog and my photography is so rewarding and I feel very blessed. I love being able to share that with others, and also meet so many inspiring and talented people in the industry. 

I can photograph. I can style. I can be fearless. I can take a risk. I can love myself. I can fall, but climb right back up. I can stay true to myself. I can learn. I can blog. I can run. I can Create. 

I believe it's important for everyone in any industry to share and embrace the #WEALLCAN movement because its important for us to stand up in what we believe in, self appreciation, our freedom, and being confident in ourselves. We can express ourselves through that and hopefully inspire and reach others. I can create, and I will never stop creating. I challenge you to join the movement and share your "I Can" story on how you can express yourself through your passions and show the real versions of yourself. Would love to hear how you express yourself! It's the ultimate declaration of personal freedom. Make sure to check out American Eagle's new selection as well as others who have shared their stories.