Fur for the Holidays

Colder days and holiday season is right around the corner. Where did time do? Before we know it, New Years will be here. One of my favorite pieces this season is fur. Fur has been in fashion for years, but this year one of my favorite classic pieces are fur scarves. They have always been around, but this year it's become even more popular. Fur scarves can be used to add a flare to your basic winter coat, or wear with a sweater and jeans to keep you warmer. They're effortless, easy to wear, and perfect for the holidays!

This faux fur scarf is from Forever21. Honestly, I picked it up for a halloween costume and then realized I would never use it for a costume, but for everyday. I'm in love with this piece, and it's only $18. As expected, Forever21's quality isn't always 100%. BUT this piece is amazing and I highly recommend it. It would be a perfect holiday gift! For $18 you definitely get your money's worth. I'm definitely going to be picking this up in every color possible. 

Here are some of my other favorite fur scarves for the season!


Photos: Mel Denisse