Recently, I've been really into thrifting. There's something about going into a room full of the unknown and possibly finding the greatest treasures. It's so rewarding when you do find something unique and different to wear, and of course it's usually pretty cheap.

I've been sharing on my Instagram stories how much I've been thrifting recently. I have found so many fun treasures, but it definitely takes time. Whenever I go, I have to look through everything and on average spend about 1.5 hours doing so. The biggest question I've been getting is "Where do you go thrifting?!". I have received SO many questions about that. I do have a secret spot that I will never tell anyone, haha. BUT the other places I go to are Goodwill and Value Villages around the Seattle area. I usually go on a week day morning, when it's not too crowded and it's usually not picked over. I will be sharing more blog posts with the things I have found, but today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite pieces, this fringe top. I thrifted this piece for $7, and it was so worth it.

Also, I recently came across Attom on Spotify... if you haven't listened to his music, I highly recommend it. Feel free to play the song while you're scrolling through the images. Also, I'm going to make a blog post soon with a fall playlist, so stay tuned for that!

With the fringe, I paired it with some lace shorts, some snakeskin print booties, a black hat, and some layered necklaces. Below you can shop my favorite fringe pieces. Make sure to check it out!