I think shooting film is becoming a new favorite.

If you didn’t read my previous blog post, feel free to read it here. Recently I came across my dads old Canon Elan II film camera from the 90s in storage, and I started shooting some photos with it. One of the reasons why I love film so much is the look it gives, but also that you don’t know exactly what the photo is going to look like until you get it developed. I’m so used to taking a photo and instantly being able to see the image right after. With film, it takes a little while and you have to be patient. Shooting with film makes me more careful and thoughtful about creating an image. It’s been refreshing and I’m learning once again about composition, my light meter, and just being more intentional with what I’m capturing.

A couple weeks ago the cherry blossoms bloomed at University of Washington and we decided to go and document the beautiful scenery. I was insanely busy, but it was one gorgeous evening. I’m so happy with the way the camera caught the light and textures of the flowers. Afterwards we headed over my family cabin for the weekend with my parents and I used the rest of the roll there. The weather was perfect and it was a weekend to remember. Below are just some of my favorite images from that weekend.

This was all shot with a 50mm f1.2 lens, with the Kodak Gold 200 film.


My brother Trevor and his adorable little girl.