Hi everyone! It's been a crazy couple weeks. I haven't been able to share on my blog as frequent as I'd like to, but there will be lots of fun travel posts coming soon that I can't wait to share with you all. Cory and I are planning a road trip along the west coast for July, and I'm sure I will have lots of photos to share with you. So stay tuned! 

Moving to downtown Los Angeles has been one of the best decisions Cory and I have ever made. Before this, we were living on the east side by Echo Park/Silver Lake, and it was fun... but we needed a switch and change of atmosphere. We were tucked back in these hills in a small amazing house, but there was no cell phone service, we were about 10 min (on a good day) away from a grocery store, and everyone around us was about age 50+. Not that we didn't like it, we just didn't want to feel like we have "settled down" (if you know what I mean).

There's something about living in the middle of skyscrapers that's so energizing and motivating. The fact that I get to wake up every morning and walk a block away to my favorite coffee shop has changed my life. Also, the fact that I don't have to drive 10 min to a grocery store is the BEST THING. My favorite grocery store is walking distance, and all of our favorite bars and restaurants. We feel very blessed to have a place like we do, and couldn't be more happier with the downtown lifestyle. Such a drastic change from our place before, but it's worth it.

DTLA is a neighborhood in LA that is growing tremendously. New restaurants, shops, bars, and apartments are going up everywhere. It's bringing in a whole new crowd and DTLA is now a livable part of Los Angeles. I guess about five years ago it wasn't a place you would go. Now, some of the newest and best places are opening. Maybe I should share a travel guide for DTLA?

Now about the clothes...

For this look I'm wearing some of my newest additions to my wardrobe that I can't live without. My new frames from Privé Revaux, a studded suede jacket from Sézane, my Saint Laurent Small Sac De Jourmy Alexander Wang denim shorts, leather block heel from Topshop, some basic hoops from Zara, and a white tank I got a couple years ago from Totokaelo. Make sure to shop the whole look below!



Photos by Cory