Brunette & Fringe Denim

One of the most obvious things in this post is my new brown hair... I'm officially a brunette again! And the crazy party- this is my natural hair color. I've been blonde and had blonde balayage or ombre for about five years. There was a season a couple years ago where I died my hair a solid brown... but it was for about a month- didn't last long at all. But this time I have a feeling I'm going to keep it for a while. I'm in love with it! Thanks Glen from Spoke & Weal and Aveda for turning me into a brunette again! 

I've been obsessing with fringe denim for a while, and I finally got my hands on the pair I've been wanting. These are the 3x1 Fringe Denim, and I've been eyeing these for the whole season. I was shopping around at Wasteland, and found these beauties for $60. So whoever dropped them off, thank you. Because I'm obsessed with them

With the denim, I paired my favorite Alexander Wang bag, my Dior shades, patent leather booties from Zara, and a open-elbow zip sweater from Willow & Clay


Photos: Mel Denisse