Hey everyone! Happy September! I can't believe that Fall is literally around the corner. Today I wanted to share something a little different, and something I don't talk about much.

Instagram Story Apps!

Over the past year, I've come across some really neat apps that can help make your instagram stories prettier, and different than just your usual photo. Some of you probably know most of these, or don't know any of them. I just want to share what I use on the daily that can help make your stories more appealing and more interesting to watch! I'm not saying I have the best stories at all. I actually wish I was better at them, and that's one of my goals. But I know some people who also use these apps daily, and their stories are BEAUTIFUL.  Also, I'm not sure if these apps work on Android phones, since I only use and iPhone. Anyways, here we go!



This app is everywhere, and I know so many people who use it. A lot of you probably know what this app is or use it all the time, but I still get so many DM's about it. This app, 8mm vintage camera gives your videos a retro and vintage feel. You can change the filter, the burn affect, and you can even add a film roll sound. It's also a good app even just to use for fun videos that you don't want to use for just your story. Check it out on the app store here



I came across this app this past spring, and it's such a good one for making your stories more interesting. It's more for design and fonts, but it works great for stories! The thing I love most about it is that you can add different fonts, graphics, shapes, and image overlays. I use it for my blog posts or Spotify monthly playlist updates. There is a free version, and if you want more I believe it's $10 a month for access to all of their features. If you're a designer, I feel like you would love this app!



Okay... this app is something I use everyday. No joke. This app allows you to add amazing, minimal layouts for your photos and videos to post to your story. You probably have seen it around, and it's getting more popular everyday. You can organize your stories, add a minimal font, change the background color, and of course they have a film layout. My favorite layouts are in the CS3, FF1, and RP1 pack! Check it out in the app store!



Calla is an app I stumbled upon while looking for film edits for your photos. It's great for editing your images, but it also adds a fun and unique edit to your photos for your stories. There are multiple filters, and it also adds an orange date to the corner like a film photo would have. Combine Calla with the Unfold app, and you have yourself a really awesome combo! 



This has been one of my go-to apps for a while now. Hype Type allows you to add unique type that moves, and just adds the perfect detail to a simple story. Another feature it has is that you can also add music to your stories. But, now that Instagram has the new feature where you can add music to your stories when uploading, you don't need to use the music addition with Hype Type. BUT, I don't have the new music feature yet on insta, so for now I'm using this app! 



Kamon is another great app for your images. This app is used to make your images look like film or polaroids. I know the film trend is really in right now, but this is a really easy and awesome app to give the film look to your photos! You can select different color filters, color burns, and grain. Check it out here!


What I love to do is edit the color and style of an image, or edit a video and import them into Unfold or Over. There are endless ways of editing your stories, but these apps are just my favorite and the ones I love to use most! Leave a comment below of which ones are your favorites!