Weekends in LA

Happy Monday! And happy February! Hope you all had a good weekend!

For 2016, I've wanted to set time out of my week where I can focus on spending time with friends, going out and seeing new things in the area, and relaxing. Being freelance, I'm always usually on my phone either with emails, phone calls, setting up shoots, editing images, shooting blog photos, or shooting some commercial work. It's healthy for your body to take a rest, and I've decided to be normal person and relax a bit these past couple weekends.

Cory and I started the weekend off watching the sunset at the Santa Monica Pier. Despite the amount of people and tourists, it's a beautiful place to watch the sunset. 

Then on Saturday we went to Malibu Farms for dinner with some friends, and it was another beautiful sunset. Then spent the evening going out around Silver Lake with a couple of our other friends. 

BRUNCH. Sunday Brunch.... is my absolute favorite. 

For some reason, brunch on Sunday is so much better than any other day of the week. Maybe because on Saturday nights you're usually out super late, and you don't want the party to end. So what do you do then the next morning? You continue the party with bottomless mimosas and red velvet pancakes. YES- red velvet strawberry pancakes... which leads me to introduce you to my new, favorite brunch place in LA....The Church Key. My friend Mel and I got to check out this amazing restaurant which is in West Hollywood. Let me tell you.... I've never had such amazing food. When you walk in, you're surrounded by white tile flooring, white brick walls, with hip decor and beautiful light fixtures. Bottomless mimosas for $13?! Yeah- we did that. If you're in the LA area, or are visiting and want a good brunch place, I highly recommend this spot. Besides the amazing red velvet pancakes and the mimosas, we got eggs benedict with a dungeness crab cake on top, avocado "croissant" toast with salmon on top, a side of bacon, brussels sprout caesar salad, and brown butter brioche donuts that MELTED in my mouth. YUM. I can't tell you how amazing they were. 

I hope you all had a great weekend as well! This week, Cory and I are headed to Arizona to go to the Grand Canyon for the very first time! Can't wait to show you photos and a vlog from our trip!

Have a great week!