#NowhereEverywhere / Aritzia

#NowhereEverywhere / Aritzia

Summer is quickly upon us, and I can't tell you how excited I am. It's the season that creates life long memories. It's adventurous, extraordinary, and the sunsets are amazing. It's where friends gather to celebrate life, love, and those little moments. Along with vacation time (*hands start clapping*).

When it comes to my summer wardrobe, I always have the hardest time putting together outfits. Dressing for your day should be simple and easy, but I always have the hardest time in summer. I love layering, and on those summer days I never want to because it's so dang hot. All I want to do it just throw on a pair of shorts, a light and breezy blouse, or a flowy dress.

Aritzia's new summer collection makes it easy to dress for summer. It's simply stunning! It includes a variety of light weight dresses, modern cuts, breezy yet beautiful tops, and pieces you won't want to take off. Their new hashtag, #NowhereEverywhere is way for their followers to share their spring/summer moments with them. 

There’s a restless, adventurous spirit to the summer collection: it’s spontaneous and of the moment, insatiably modern, and confidently sensual.
— Aritzia


Babaton Murphy Blouse, Wilfred Montrouge Shorts, Babaton Grayson Jacket, Auxiliary Mini Bega Satchel Bag

There's a good amount of fun things to do in Seattle during the summer. My two favorite places to go are Discovery Park, and the waterfront in downtown. Discovery Park is a great place to go on a walk or run, watch the sunsets, have picnics, and take photos. The waterfront is close to Pike Place Market, the ferris wheel, and lots of shopping. I love going to both of these places when it's warm outside!

These are folkloric clothes for a dreamer who knows there’s always another way, and that things are not always as they seem.
— Aritzia

Also, this song is my summer jam. ILYSB by LANY. Enjoy.


Babaton Denton Dress, Auxiliary Mini Mander Bucket Bag

Make sure to post an image on your Instagram wearing their pieces using #NowhereEverywhere for a chance to win a $2500 shopping spree!

Also, check out the rest of their new arrivals!



Photos by Jay Melilli