What NYC Means To Me

What NYC Means To Me


Oh, that wonderful city. That wonderful city that is know for craziness, fashion, amazing food, gigantic, fast paced, a city that ever sleeps, eclectic, diverse, fashion, Broadway, Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State building, 9/11, and so many more. New York city to me is all of these things, along with a place that creates lifetime memories, inspiring, creative, beautiful, and just has a special spot in my heart.

The very first time I went to NYC was when I was 17 years old, on a choir tour with some of my best friends I went to school with in Minnesota. It was a very small, private Christian boarding school in a small town called Fergus Falls. When people think "boarding school", sometimes they think it's a place where parents send their kids because they are troubled. Well, this was definitely not the reason why I went there. I was actually a good kid in high school- followed the rules, got decent grades, devoted some time to extra curricular activities, didn't party, and had lots of friends. My amazing parents were actually quite proud of me back in the day (and still are!) and they didn't have to worry too much about me. Probably because I spent my free time in the computer lab editing photos, learning photoshop, and creating new photo shoot concepts with my friends. I will do another blog post about the school sometime soon with stories and photos. ANYWAYS- back to the time I went to NYC. Throughout the first trip to the giant city, my friends and I walked around Times Square, went to some beautiful cathedrals, and of course stopped off at the Waldorf hotel because we were OBSESSED with Gossip Girl.

Ever since that first trip, I fell in love with the city. Every time I traveled to New Jersey to visit one of my best friends, I always made her take me to the city for a day. 

From that moment on, my heart melted every time I heard "New York City". Being a photographer and also a fashion blogger, of course makes me want to move there at some point of my life.

Recently, Cory and I spent a week visiting the city. This time we stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Williamsburg called, The Urban Cowboy. I've never explored Williamsburg or Brooklyn before because the other times I went to the city I've stayed in Manhattan. But man, I love Brooklyn. Every where you go there's a photo opportunity, and the food is AMAZING.

For this trip, our weekly agenda was completely booked. We started off the week with attending an event called The Shorty Awards, because Cory was a judge for it. The Shorty Awards is basically a grammy awards ceremony for social media- that includes vinners, yotubers, instagrammers, snapchatters, photographers, bloggers, music artists, etc. It was a cool experience, and was worth flying out for and attending. After that, I had some meetings with a couple companies, including an exciting announcement with Teen Vogue (which I will be sharing next week)! We visited some friends, took photos, ate lots of good food, and explored new areas. Cory and I will move there at some point. Maybe next year? ;)

Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Had fun meeting and hanging with new friends // Cubby, Sophie, FinnZach, Tim, Kevin, and Cory.

Jacket: All Saints // Purse: Aritzia // Denim: Citizens of Humanity // Shoes: Beyene // Hat: Forever21 // Sunglasses: Sole Society

Cubby rides his unicycle around NYC. And it's awesome.

Sophie is a talented food and lifestyle blogger. Had fun hanging with her and walking around Brooklyn!

In conclusion, I guess now all you know is how much I love the city. And I will say it a million times. I'm also a fan of "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, and "Welcome to New York" by Taylor Swift. So don't judge me.

Until next time, New York City. I LOVE YOU.