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Adventure Day: Lake Wenatchee

Bethany Olson3 Comments

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has had a great week!

Last Friday, Cory, Kim, Eric, and Ben, and I went on an adventure for Cory's birthday. Kim and I were planing a surprise party that night for Cory and Eric (they had no idea), so we distracted them by taking on this adventure, and then going back to my house and everyone surprising them both for a joint birthday party. 

It was a spectacular day.

Here are some images from Lake Wentachee! It's definitely a new favorite place of mine in Washington.

Also, Eric brought his little pups to adventure with us. They are the cutest little dachshunds.

Wearing: Sutro Footwear boots, Madewell denim, Ann Taylor sweater, coat from Forever21

Have a great weekend!