GUYS!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am to share that Cory and I got engaged last night! We are getting married! AHHHH. He proposed at La Push, WA, on our two year anniversary!

Watch the video here to see the whole story! I had no idea Cory was planning to make a vlog out of it! 

The Story:

So on September 12, 2012 he we went on a photo adventure to La Push, WA! It was the most perfect day. We went and got coffee at our favorite coffee shop in Edmonds called Walnut, took the ferry over to Kingston, stopped and took some images along the way, went to a cute little restaurant in Port Townsend, and drove over to La Push just in time for sunset. The whole time I was thinking "Wow, this guy is amazing." But I had no idea that I would actually start dating him. When we got to the beach, he let me wear his flannel and beanie, and it was the first time he put his arm around me! We cuddled on the beach, took our very first photo together and he taught me how to swing dance. From that date on, we started talking non stop and immediately started dating.

Now, to the proposal...

September 12, 2014: Our two year was coming up and I wanted to plan something fun for our two year date! Cory said that he was planning it. I was like "...we go everywhere together and have traveled to so many places. What is he planning." I was thinking either Portland, the Oregon coast, Lake Cushman, or La Push. I wasn't really thinking La Push was going to happen because it's so far away (and so is the Oregon coast), but whatever. So I packed a bunch of clothes, and we took off.

We stopped off at Walnut Coffee in Edmonds, and immediately I was thinking "He's taking me to La Push." But I didn't want to vocalize it because I wasn't sure still. We took the Edmonds/Kingston ferry, and once we got off I knew where we were going. We drove to Port Townsend and had lunch at the same cute little spot, and then drove to La Push! On the way I had this feeling that he was going to propose. But I didn't want to think about it too much or get my hopes up because I just didn't honestly think it was going to happen.

Once we got to the beach, Cory hiked down this basket full of cute stuff; cheese, crackers, wine, and chocolate (MY FAV). We hung out on the beach for a couple hours, and man it was hot. I was wearing shorts and a tee and I was literally sweating. 

Once golden hour hit, Cory said to me "ehh, maybe you should go back up to the car and change." I said "Why.... I'm fine." (Even though I was a sweaty mess). And Cory demanded that I go up because he wanted to take some photos of me next to our little snack on the beach. So I walked up to the car, changed, and walked down (that was about a mile and a half). On the way up I was thinking to myself "I wonder if he's going to propose..."

So when I walked back down to the beach, he set up the blanket with plates, and everything that he brought was laid out. Music was playing, and he was smiling, real big. We exchanged cards, ate the food, and drank our wine on the beach. It was perfect golden hour so Cory decided to take some portraits of me, and I took some of him as well.

Once the sun got to the perfect spot, Cory said a little nervously and quiet, "Ahh! The sun is going down. I want to take a video of us swing dancing." So I stood up and walked over to the spot he wanted me to stand. Once he got it all set up, he went over to his bag and immediately I knew it was going to happen. He turned around and started walking towards me with a box... I started freaking out. 

We are so excited to get married! AHHHHH! :D <3 Can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!