I can't believe it- I started my own YouTube channel! Cory and I have been wanting to start one for our work for quite some time. We finally just said hey, let's try something new and branch out from just photography and Instagram. Cory was the first one who inspired me as he bought a new camera, which is the Sony RX100. So I went out the next day and bought the same one. It's an awesome little handheld camera for vlogging! 

My YouTube channe will be going over photography related topics, behind the scenes of my shoots, daily exploring vlogs, and daily outfits/style finds. Be sure to check it out and subscribe!

My first vlog is about a little adventure to the Big Four Ice Caves in Granite Falls, WA. My friend Jay was visiting Seattle and we wanted to show him a local spot that people love to take photos and walk around. He's definitely a character and needs his own YouTube account- ha. The crew was Cory, Jay, my brother Trevor, and I that went and took some photos. This place is unreal! I remember once going as a little girl and never thought twice about it after. Then last year, Trevor said something about how we need to go check it out again. So we adventured out there August of 2013, and was eager to go back after! The video doesn't even show you how beautiful this place is in real life. Looks like you'll have to go out there and see for yourself :). 

Here are a few frames I shot of Jay out there.