I can't believe it's already New Years Eve- this year went by so incredibly fast! This year was the most exciting, invigorating, busy, and stressful years I've had. I never would have thought a year or two ago I would have been doing what I am doing now. Life is awesome. And I wouldn't trade this last year for anything.

Some things that happened in 2014:

-Quit retail to go full-time photography, and it has been so awesome. Stressful and a completely different world, but awesome. 

-Traveled the most I had ever had in my life for work/personal: St Kitts, LA, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Francisco (Twice), San Diego, Dallas (Twice), Switzerland, Portland, Vancouver (Twice), Virginia, New Jersey, and New York City! I can't wait to see where I will go in 2015! So many places on my list. 

-I GOT ENGAGED! Yay! Getting married next September! WHICH IS THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER. I cannot wait to marry the love of my life, Cory Staudacher! Wedding planning is crazy- never would have thought of so many "little" things to do. But we did find our venue, photographer, and I may have found my dress. :) SO many exciting things to plan.

-I rebranded my site, then started this blog! Thank you to all my readers and followers! It has been such a fun adventure!


I have a lot more photos. A lot more. But I didn't want to slam you with every single one. Haha.


Exploring with Cory in St Kitts

St Kitts: First time I had ever held a monkey. And it was a baby. 

Going to Disney Land with some of my favorite people.

Las Vegas with Jay, Cory, Trevor and Ashley

Salton Sea with Trevor and Ashley

Birthday Cake Oreo Birthday Cake. #heartattack

Inn N Out. Of Course.

Drinks with Cory and St Kitts

Cory's 70s/Valentines Birthday Party

Cory's 70s/Valentines Birthday Party

Feeding a deer, with my bare hands.

Lake Cushman with Ariana and Kaitlin

Lake Cushman with Ariana and Kaitlin

Shooting photos at Bro-Am in San Diego

Went on an epic, and hard hike.

Lots of plane time.

Shooting photos at Circles Conference in Dallas, TX.

Circles Conference Merch

Portland food truck: Bacon grilled cheese.

Snapchat with Kaitlin. Enough said.




Working with Victorinox Swiss Army + Wired Magazine

Zermatt, Switzerland

Brunnen, Switzerland

We found our own island.

I hadn't seen this girl in two years. So I flew out for her college grad on the east coast.  

New York City

Oh hey PHHHOTO app. 

The PHHHOTO app and social media platform was created. Seriously, if you don't have this app get it. 

Times Square


Also, I have never wrote down any resolutions. I've always thought they were cheesy and I always broke mine two days after the new year started. I think resolutions are good for people who want to achieve goals, and I want to look at them that way. So here are my goals for the next year:

1. Travel, travel, travel. Travel more than I have in my entire life.

2. Pursue fashion more. Photography, blogging..... Enough said. 

3. I want to blog more!

4. Start eating healthy.. (That's everyones resolution, literally.) But it's true- a healthy diet is the only thing that will keep anyone going and motivated. I also am addicted to sugar. Sooooo I'm going to try and cut that out too... (maybe for a month. Haha.)

Anyone have any fun goals for the year?

I hope you all have had such an amazing year! Cheers to 2015!

Also, here's some outfit inspiration for tonight!

Have a happy and safe New Years Eve! Pop some bubbly!


xo, B.