Happy Wednesday everyone! 

This last week has been so busy, and it's about to get even busier! I was just in Texas for a get together with the photographers in my agency, Tinker Street*. The whole weekend was filled with inspiration, collaboration, and lots of photo taking. We gathered in a small town called Tehuacana, Texas, and stayed in dorms at an old college. The building next to us was built in 1862 for Trinity University, and it was definitely a beauty. The old classrooms were all broken down, and these photos were taken in my favorite rooms of the building.

Heidi Merrick is a clothing and home goods company based and produced out of LA. All of their clothing pieces are for everyday wear, and are extremely comfortable. I'm wearing their classic Drake Tee, which is a new favorite of mine. The tee was packed away in my suite case for over 18 hours, and guess what... no wrinkles! I unfolded it out of my suite case and it was ready to wear! I was beyond excited because I've been living out of a suite case for the last three weeks, and it was such a nice surprise to have a shirt with no wrinkles. 

This shirt is made with a cotton poly blend, giving it the soft and comfortable fit. It's a three quarter sleeve, with a great high neck. Shirts with high necks sometimes are uncomfortable, but this one is perfect and you can barely feel it.

 The Heidi Merrick Drake Tee // Wearing a size small

I definitely would recommend Heidi Merrick's clothing line to anyone! Check out their new collection!

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Photos by Cory Staudacher