Madewell + Artifact Uprising #denimmadewell Event

A month ago, I got the opportunity to help spread the word about this amazing contest Madewell and Artifact Uprising was holding for Madewell's denim! (view previous blog post here).

Last night, Madewell held an event at 14 of their locations around the US to celebrate and honor the finalists of the contest! So excited that they chose the University Village store in Seattle! There were six finalists, and each card had the finalists photo on it printed and made by Artifact Uprising! It was such an honor to co-host the event with my friend Staci (who was a finalist!) and Elise! Being a brand ambassador for Artifact Uprising, it was awesome to see them collaborate with one of my favorite brands. It was such a fun event and a great way to reach out to the community! There were quite a few people who showed up, and the night was filled with champagne, socializing, and trying on Madewell's beautiful fall collection. Here are some photos of the event!

Also, I'm being dead serious here... I wear my Madewell denim about 5/7 days out of the week. I'm obsessed and I need more! They're some of the best fitting jeans I own! So go stop by your local Madewell and pick up a pair. They're definitely worth it.

The co-hosts: Elise, Staci (A finalist!), and myself

Madewell Finalist cards from Artifact Uprising

Staci holding her photo!


Denim: Madewell High Riser Skinny Skinny Cut-Edge Jeans in black  

Top: Madewell Silk Spotlight Shirt in Hearts and Dots

Bracelet: Vintage, similar to the Madewell Wooden Bangle

Shoes: H&M Pumps, similar to Madewell's Mira Heel

Hat: Scotch & Soda Wool Hat

Shop the look here: