Tan Jacket and Gold Rim Sunglasses

Hello! Writing to you again from Seattle- there are going to be lots of adventures coming up. Tomorrow I head to my cabin with some friends to relax, take some more photos, and spend a couple days away. Can't be more excited. 

Sunglasses are one of my staple pieces. I rarely leave my house without them, even if it's raining or gloomy. I will wear them no matter what (except in the dark, obviously). These sunglasses are from Showpo, a woman's brand from Australia. I love how these frames have such a different style than a typical aviator. The gold makes them pop and gives a chic look. With the sunglasses I'm also wearing this suede, tan moto-style jacket from them as well. It'e extremely soft, comfortable and versatile enough to wear with almost anything. Definitely a staple piece for the summer and fall months.

Make sure to check out Showpo's new collection

Photos by Cory Staudacher