The Changes in Life / Herbal Essences x Nylon

My hair has gone through a lot in my lifetime. I’ve made a lot of good and bad decisions with my hair. These past few years I’ve tried a few different hair styles, including platinum blonde. My hair is naturally pretty dark, so when I did this it completely fried my hair. I thought I would be okay since I dyed my hair a blonde baliage a few times… wrong. My hair was dry, frizzy, had lots of breakage, and just wasn’t healthy. Living in LA, it made my hair extra dry and it was extremely hard to style. So that added a negative impact on my hair. A few weeks ago, my husband and I moved back to our hometown Seattle, and I’ve already seen a difference in my hair. It feels more lightweight, soft, tangle free, and just healthier. New beginnings can be hard sometimes, but this time around it’s been great. I’m learning to love and embrace the changes in my life, and my hair is starting to recognize that too. I’m excited to be partnering with Herbal Essences and Nylon and sharing my story of some changes in my life, and how my hair is responding to it.

I’ve always loved hair. I love the way people can express themselves through it, it shows their personality, and how beautiful different types of hair can be. Hair can add a huge level of confidence, which is one of the things I love about my hair. I feel confident in styling my hair, but also leaving it natural. Moving to Seattle is definitely a huge change in my life, but one for the better. The weather in Seattle plays a huge role with my hair, and for some reason my hair LOVES the city. And yes, even when it rains. It’s softer, easier to style, and is less frizzy.

This video below speaks to me because I can relate to certain things that some of the women are talking about. After I got married, we moved to LA and I wanted to change up my hair. So I did and I cut 13 inches off. The last time I had super short hair I was in grade school, and I was overweight. I thought that short hair made me look larger, so I wanted to grow my hair out. It took me a few years, but I finally got it to the length I wanted it. I kept it pretty long throughout middle school, high school, and college years.

So two years ago, the second time around, I didn’t feel that way. I chopped it off. I was confident with my new look and wanted to show it. Now I’m growing my hair out because I miss my long hair. But who knows, maybe I’ll chop it off again. 

For this next season of my life, I’ve been wanting to try new things and change the way I style my hair. Curling my hair is one of the ways I can express myself in this season of life, and I feel so much more confident when I do. I’m so excited that I’m partnering with Herbal Essences and I can’t wait to continue to use their products for the next few months to see how it positively responds.

Falling for Seattle

We're finally settled in Seattle, and I couldn't be more happy. Also, the colors are starting to change here and it's beautiful everywhere you go. We were driving back home and stopped at Green Lake to check out the colors. Green Lake is one of my favorite spots to run and the neighborhood is gorgeous. This time of year I'm definitely falling in love more and more with Seattle. It feels so good to be back home.

For this look I'm wearing a sweater and skirt from Sézane, some black sheer tights, sock boots from Zara, my Alexander Wang Mini Rockie bag, and an old hat I got from Forever21. Shop the look below!


Autumn Feels

Soooo... I have some crazy news. Despite the fact that it's my favorite season, and that I'm extremely excited about it. I have something exciting to share with you guys. And then we will get to the rest.


I can't even tell you how excited I am that we're going back. My heart is full with excitement. Both of us, being born and raised there, are filled with joy knowing that we will be back in our favorite place long term. We moved to LA two years ago to step out of our comfort zone and for our careers. The last few months we've dealt with some crazy and rough life events, and family is what we're longing for. Also, the mountains and nature. LA is a great city, and we've had a blast being here but we know it's time for the next chapter in our lives. On a positive note, we can work from anywhere. We will miss all of our friends, but thankfully it's only a 2 hour plane ride. Seattle, we're coming back for you.

I can't wait to be outside breathing in the crisp Washington air, experiencing those frosty mornings I've been longing for, foggy and rainy days cuddling up next to the fire place with some hot chia tea, experiencing my cabin at Lake Cushman whenever we want to, and being by all of our family and friends. Those are the things I've missed most. And I can't wait to have them right next to us soon.

So, before we knew we were leaving, I was in desperate need for fall. That's another reason why we want to leave... we miss seasons like crazy. Especially this time of the year. So we went up to our favorite spot to shoot one last time. An hour and thirty minutes outside of LA there's this mountain range that has some of the prettiest views in all of California. Glendora Ridge Road is our favorite scenic drive in SoCal. So here are some of the images Cory shot if me, which was probably the last time we'll ever go.

Not going to lie, it was a bit emotional for me to go here one last time. So here's a song for you to listen to while you look at the photos. Also, my friend Maddie posted this artist on her Instagram story the other day, and you need to listen to the album. 


Hi everyone! Cory and I are back in LA, getting things ready for Fall. I can't believe that fall is already here. Where did time go? 

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite hotels I've ever stayed at. Between E 36th Street and E 37th Street, on 5th Avenue in NYC lies one of the most beautiful hotels, Langham Place. We stayed at this beautiful 5-star hotel during New York Fashion Week, which is one of my busiest weeks of the year. Langham Place was the perfect hotel to stay at during that week, and here's why.


The rooms at Langham Place are the biggest hotel rooms I've ever stayed in. Our room was roughly 580 square feet, which is huge for a hotel room. The beds are extremely comfortable, the service was incredible, and it was all around perfect. I would give it a 6/5 if I could. I've stayed in a lot of hotels, and this one exceeded my expectations. We stayed in the deluxe room, which had one of the most beautiful views of NYC. After a long day, all you want to do is take your heels off and relax in a comfortable bed. The staff were extremely welcoming, caring, and hospitable. With the hotel being right in Midtown, it's close enough to everything.



The bathrooms are spacious, with two sinks, a vanity area, and a huge tub. One of the coolest things about the room is the hidden TV that's in the mirror above. So neat!




This was the view from our room. Need I say more? It was beautiful!

And let me just talk about the food for a second.... 

The food is incredible and the best I've had at a hotel. Their Michelin-starred restaurant, Ai Fiori is elegant, and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every morning you would find me there sipping on my coffee with a full spread of goodies. One of the afternoons we got rose, cocktails, and a spread of food from their Bar. Bar Fiori is connected to the restaurant, and their known for their cocktails and signature White Label Burger. If you like burgers, I can't even describe it to you. You will have to go there and try it for yourself. 


I can't explain how wonderful my stay was at this hotel. I can't wait to stay at some other their other locations! If you're looking for an excellent, and beautiful hotel during your stay in New York City, I can't recommend this place enough.

Thank you Langham Place for having me! I couldn't thank you enough!


Hi everyone! I wanted to finish sharing with you my looks from NYFW. I've been back in LA for a few days now, and I realized that Cory and I were gone for 27 days the past month. NYC for 7 days, Seattle for 10 days, and then NYC for fashion week 10 days. It feels to be back on the west coast, and now preparing for the next season.

Here are my other looks from the rest of the week!


For this look, I'm wearing the Veronica Dress from Aritzia, cat eye frames from Krewe, my Saint Laurent Sac De Jour, and my Kenneth Cole sneakers that were personalized with my name! This outfit was probably one of the most comfortable and easiest to wear. The dress would be perfect to wear during the fall with tights and pumps, your favorite booties, or with knee high boots. I can't wait to wear this during the next season! (Photos by Maddie Greer)


This outfit was probably one of my top favorites from the week. Early August when we went to NYC, we went to this AMAZING flee market under the Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo, and I got this 80's silk Fendi dress. I saw it, and knew it would immediately fit. It's silk, and has the Fendi logo printed all over the dress. I'm obsessed with this dress, and will never be getting rid of this thing. Since red is a popular color for the season, I thought it would be perfect to pair with my red pumps from Shoes Of Prey. I also paired the dress with a vintage silk scarf I thrifted in Seattle, and my Chloe bag. 


I have an obsession with fur jackets. I'm trying to build up my collection, even if it's faux or real for the season. This look is by ei8ht dreams. Make sure to check out their collection! For the shoes, I'm wearing my Kenneth Cole sneakers (above are more details, and seriously they're on repeat), my favorite sunnies by Sunday Somewhere, and my Saint Laurent bag. 


I apparently love red. Like I said earlier, red hot is definitely a real thing. For this look I'm wearing this pretty red dress from H&M, my leather vans, a bag from Furla (similar), and some sunnies by Pared (Similar ones here).

NYFW was a success, and I can't wait to go back again. This was my third time attending the fantastic week, and it keeps getting better and better. Thank you to everyone who has been following my journey, and everyone who followed my week!