Red and Fishnets

Hi Everyone!

As some of you have noticed, I haven't been able to write a blog post this past week because I was busy during NYFW, and now I'm currently in London! I'll be sharing a whole NYFW recap (with a vlog!) sometime soon, and of course lots of photos from London, but wanted to share one of my favorite outfits from New York (more coming soon).

Soho is one of my favorite places to walk around in NYC not only for the fashion and food, but also for the photogenic scenery. For this look, I'm wearing Christoper Kane sungalsses, Everlane peacoat (similar), Topshop sweater and cropped flare pants, fishnet socks from All Saints, my Marc Fisher pumps, and my Gucci purse. I'm starting to notice that my wardrobe is collecting more red then ever, and somehow I'm wearing it almost everyday. I love being able to throw in a pop of color when wearing all black. I've been loving the statement sock and fishnet trend that's carrying over to spring. These are from All Saints, and add a sensual/edgy detail to the outfit. Make sure to shop the look below!


Photos: Mel Denisse

Desert Adventure with Outdoor Voices

Getting outdoors and experiencing a different environment, especially in a beautiful scenery is a relaxing feeling. I love being able to hike around and see nature for what it truly is, and it is something different then my normal, daily workout routine. A few days ago, I ventured out into the desert with some friends and hiked around wearing my new favorite athletic pieces from Outdoor Voices!

Outdoor Voices is a fitness apparel company that believes in doing things- moving your body and having fun with friends. Their clothes are perfect for changing layers, different fitness activities, and getting a good sweat in. The materials are high quality, insanely soft, all weather ready, lightweight and breathable, and fit like a glove. They're perfect for hiking, running, playing basketball, and pretty much any other physical activity. 

For this look, I'm wearing the Two-Tone Warmup Legging in Dove & Ashand the Stretch Crepe Running Jacket in black. The leggings are an everyday go-to for so many different activities. The fabric is moisture wicking, mid rise, and has a pocket around the waistline. The jacket is perfect for any weather. It's wind and water-resistant, mesh back vent, stretchy fabric, and even a space for your phone and headphones. It's perfect for year round running or hiking. During our hike, the wind was especially strong with a chillier breeze, and this jacket was the perfect companion! 


Getting outdoors or having some sort of physical activity everyday is so important for the body. I know that when I at least get some fresh air, it makes me feel like a different person. I'm so happy that I got to share this adventure with my new favorite pieces from Outdoor Voices. Their collection is timeless and everyone can find something they love! They also have a killer mens collection, so make sure to check it out!


Valentine's Gift Guide: Five Favorite Fragrances

Smell is one of the strongest senses a person has. There's something pleasing that happens to the body when you smell something you like. With perfumes, it can be romantic, fresh, out of the ordinary, and a sense of home. Over the past six months or so, I've collected quite a bit of fragrances, and today I'm sharing with you my top five favorites that would be perfect Valentines presents to yourself or a special someone!


Le Labo has been blowing up over the past year, and it's one of my favorite fragrance companies. They hand craft all of their fragrances when ordered, and they are all unique and full-bodied scents. Their branding is also beautiful, which makes it even more appealing. Santal 33 is full of feminine touches as well as masculine, making it an easy unisex scent. The aroma is full of Australian Sandalwood, cedar wood, cardamon, iris, violet, ambrox and leather accord. I know so many males and females that wear this scent, and it works on anyone. It's perfect for everyday or evening.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is a classic, floral, elegant and sweet scent making it the perfect fragrance to wear on Valentine's Day. The scent is perfect for everyday or evening, and would make a great gift for her. It's ultra-feminie, sensual, and addictive scent is not too overpowering. The explosion of floral changes your mood from negative to positive. I've been wearing this fragrance for almost a year now, and it's been my daily go-to!


Diptyque L'Ombre dans L'Eau Eau de Parfum is a fresh scent, that smells like a stroll through a garden that continues into a rose garden. It's the perfect scent for a hint of sweet florals mixed with herbal and fresh aromas. This is perfect for everyday as well, and isn't too overpowering. I got this travel size gifted to me, but I'm wanting to invest in the larger one! If you love diptyque candals, you'll love their fragrances just as much.  


Aveda makes some of my favorite beauty and hair care products, and they also have some amazing body mists! This Chakra 6 body mist is balanced with certified organic petitgrain, orange, geranium and other pure flower and plant essences. It's fresh, and perfect to spray on your body after a shower or hot bath. Because of the essential oils, it makes it a stronger scent, so a little goes on a long way. This fragrance also can be used to help enhance yoga or meditation. This would be a good gift for someone who's a yogi! 


Last but not least is one of my top favorite fragrances of all time... CHANEL CHANCE. Chanel's perfume's are timeless, elegant, and classic just like everything else in the collection. The fragrance is all about daring to dream, and taking a chance for romance. So, what a perfect gift for Valentines! The notes include citrus accord, hyacinth, iris, jasmine, pink pepper, patchouli, vetiver, amber, white musk, vanilla. The sweeter scent goes a long way, and is a daily fragrance. I always wear it to any special event or an evening out.

Valentines Day is right around the corner, and fragrances are always a good gift for someone. Make sure to check out the perfumes in the shop section! What are some of your favorite fragrances?


New Camera + Winter Neutrals

Hi everyone! FUN NEWS.

I sold both of my Canon cameras, and got a Fujifilm X-T2! After hearing all the rage on this camera, I had to get my hands on one. And let me tell you, I'm loving it. It's the perfect size to fit in a bag or purse, takes sharp images, and extremely light (compared to my old Canon Mark III). The minute I got the camera, my husband Cory and I decided to take a little stroll out in our neighborhood and test the camera. I'm beyond thrilled with the quality of the images. With the body, I'm using the 23mm F2 WR lens which will be perfect for NYC and London next month. The only thing that's not my favorite about this lens is that because the camera isn't full frame, with a 23 mm F2, it's hard to get any bokeh for any full body shots. But, it still looks awesome and you get a decent amount for any half body images. I can't wait to see what images it takes along with video!

But enough of the camera, lets talk clothes. 

Winter is one of my favorite seasons in LA because you actually get to wear coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, and denim without over heating. Also, neutrals are my daily go-to's. For this look, I'm wearing my new favorite crew neck from All Saints (which is a great neutral as well), fringe denim by 3x1, slip ons by MaxMara, my daily go-to Alexander Wang, a gold watch by Cluse, and my Garrett Leight Sunnies. These neutrals have been on repeat for daily outfits all season, and will continue for the next. The fringe denim are also great to wear with sneakers, and fishnet socks with a classic pump.

If you're looking into getting a lightweight, everyday camera that shoots quality images, I highly recommend checking out the Fujifilm X-T2. I grew up on Canon, and never thought I would ever switch over. But, I'm happy to say that this camera isn't going anywhere and I'm a new fan of Fujifilm.



An Evening in Malibu

Malibu, CA is one of my favorite places to visit around LA. The beauty and feeling of the ocean is something that always is so refreshing, and is so relaxing to get away from the city. I've had a pretty busy week- planning New York Fashion Week and London, getting ready to move, starting to pack my whole house up, planning blog posts, and also managing to still get in my daily workouts. This past weekend, we went to Malibu and showed some of our friends around that were visiting and it was the perfect evening. Wasn't too cold, and we even got a sunset (despite all the clouds). It was exactly what I needed to feel refreshed.

For this outing, I'm wearing my new favorite denim jacket by ei8gt dreamsan off-the-shoulder sweater by 525 America, and my favorite denim from Mott & Bow

We ventured out to my favorite beach in Malibu, Leo Carillo Beach along the PCH. You can easily park and walk out to the rocks that overlook surfers and the gorgeous waters. Even when it's "busy". it feels like you're alone and not that many people are around you. I highly reccomend this beach!

Love these ladies. (Maddie, Mel, and Ali)

Thank you Ali for the photo if Cory and I!

After sunset, we went to my favorite restaurant in Malibu called Malibu Farm. The patio has a breathtaking view of the Malibu Pier, and you can cozy up with a blanket, watch the sunset, and eat an amazing meal all at the same time. I'm in love with this place, and perfect to go after a day of adventuring!

If you're looking for a place to spend your time in Malibu, definitely check out these two spots! There's nothing better then spending your evening watching a beautiful sunset and eating good food with friends. 

Photos: Bethany & Cory